Choosing the right attorney is an important step, whatever legal issue you are dealing with. You can always get great referrals from coworkers and friends, but the final decision stays on you. A good attorney will protect you, and he will guard your interest in any situation. So, when you finally decide for one, here is what you need to ask him before you hire him.

Have handled this type of cases in the past?

This is probably the most important question to ask. You surely don’t want to works with someone, who doesn’t have an experience. After all, he is the one who will represent you in the court making sure you are safe. An attorney who has necessary skills and knowledge will save you a lot of money and effort. Don’t take just simple “yes” when you ask the attorney, require from him to give you more details, what happened with those cases and how did the trial go.

Do you have an experience in the courtroom?

Hiring an attorney with the appropriate legal background is paramount, but it is also important to find out where your attorney got that experience. Your goals should be an attorney who has expertise in the courtroom. If he already possesses that, it means he will have the ability to evaluate the outcomes and give you the advice you can rely on.

Have you ever been accused or sanctioned for misconduct?

As a potential client, you have full right to know if your attorney has ever been charged with violated the rules of professional responsibility. In some states, you have the possibility to check this information on the web page of a state’s legal licensing authority. But still, you can ask your attorney; maybe he can explain you the circumnutate that lead to such violation.

Do you have any conflict of interests?

Every attorney is obligated by the law to inform you about this. But, it won’t hurt you to ask the question. For example, if you want to use a hospital for medical malpractice and your attorney is their regular visitor, in that case, there will be a conflict of interest.

What do you think about the outcome of the case?

Attorneys aren’t able to predict the future, and they will never guarantee you the results. However, if they have enough experience, they will be able to give you a preliminary assessment. This will help you a lot and provide you more confidence when dealing with challenging trials.

What are the costs and fees?

You need to know upfront about the expenses and fees he will charge for representation. Depending on an attorney you chose, some will charge you a fixed rate, and in other cases, you will have to pay an hourly rate. In most situations, you attorney will receive one – third after a successful trial of settlement. Make sure what those services include and are you willing to pay that much. Ask him to give a precise quote.